The Best Thing to Ever Happen to Me

By Megan Schulte

I know what you’re thinking…

With a title like that she is just going to talk about how something wonderful happened and how great her life has been since.

Something like buying a car, graduating college, meeting some hottie, and falling in love.

Well, you’re wrong on that one.

The best thing to ever happen to me was my family selling the cows and me moving 500 miles away for the summer.

Don’t get me wrong. I loved the cows. I love my family. And life without both this summer has been rough.

**See a previous blog post as proof of how hard it was for me to say goodbye to my favorite bovines {}

But, for the first time in my life I know for 100% certainty that I have found God’s plan for me. This summer I have been able to talk with people from around the globe (Yes, not just the country, around the world) and share my story about agriculture right here in small town Indiana.

Here I am talking to some of our guests about the baby piglet, and the steps taken by the farmers to make sure he/she leads a happy, healthy, and productive life.

While I hope that each of the people I meet along the way, takes something home, learns something from me that they didn’t know before. But, along the way I have learned something from each of them as well.

Getting to experience these things comes at a cost. A cost of being away from home, my family, my beef cows, and my dog for an entire summer. All of this though has led me to my dreams, helped me spread my wings, and learn to be truly independent.

Now you’re probably wondering. How does my family selling the cows factor into the “best thing that has ever happened to me.”

Well, for almost the last year, I have been worried sick about leaving the farm (not just leaving this summer for my internship in Indiana, but leaving to work in the industry after college). I convinced myself that it was my duty to push forward, to help enough that my Dad would change his mind and keep the farm going.

Even before finding out we would have to say goodbye to the cows, I was always feeling obligated to come home from college whenever I could to help. I could see the way the farm was wearing down on my Dad and I felt it was my duty, as the fourth generation of our farm to see that that didn’t happen.

However, six months out from selling the cows, I have finally realized something I should have always known.

It. Will. Be. Okay.

Life moves on.

My life isn’t over because of the cows.

It is because of the cows, both at home and at Fair Oaks, that I have found a NEW beginning.

One full of sunshine and rainbows.

…Okay, not quite. But, with this new beginning and this new experience…

I know what I want to do after college. I have a specific answer to the question “What do you want to be when you grow up.”

I have proven to myself that distance doesn’t matter when it comes to family. Love and support can reach 500 miles.

And when this dream is up, or I feel like home is where my heart wants to be. The farm will be there. Like a clean slate. Ready for me to take it in any direction.

Who knows where I’ll be ten years down the road, but one things for sure. I will still be sharing the stories of my experiences both on the farm and right here in small town Indiana.


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