An open letter to my hero.

By Megan Schulte

Dear Dad,

I never tell you enough how much you mean to me. When I was younger I not only looked up to you physically, (because, well, I was small and you were tall) but I looked up to you in every aspect of life. I didn’t think it was even possible for one human being to be so loving, caring, strong, courageous, and knowledgeable all at the same time.

I never tell you enough how your passion for the world of agriculture amazes me more and more every day. I could ask you a different question about farming every day for the rest of our lives, and you would know the answer to each and every one of them. You have such a large expanse of knowledge about not only the farm, but also how our farm plays into the environment, and how the environment then plays into our farm.

I never tell you enough how much you inspire me to be the best person I can be. It doesn’t even seem possible that someone can be so gentle and caring when it comes to a sick calf, yet so strong when the highest producing cow on the farm drops dead for some unknown reason. Some day I want to be able to stay up all night checking the cows that are close to calving, watch a calf die, go to bed, and wake up four hours later, eyes dry and ready to face another challenge.

I never tell you enough how you’re an amazing teacher. Every day that I am out working on the farm with you, I learn something new. Whether it is learning how to back up a wagon without running into something, or how to do electrical work in the barn, you are never too busy to explain something. It is these times that I will remember the most.

Thank you for teaching me everything I know about not only our farm, but also agriculture as a whole. Thank you for teaching me to be the best I can be in any situation life may throw at me. Thank you for amazing me every single day. Thank you for being not only my Dad, but also my hero.



Your Little Farm Girl




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