The end is only the beginning.

The night before my last 4-H show, I found myself standing outside the beef barn. My dad sat on the other end of the phone as I bawled my eyes out. All the while so many thoughts ran through my head.

My last show steer, Lambeau, and I exhibiting at the 2015 Wisconsin State Fair Junior Beef Show.

What if I didn’t work with my steer enough?

What if I don’t win the show tomorrow?

I’m not ready for this part of my life to come to an end.


While I sat there on the phone attempting to talk between the tears, my Dad quietly listened to all of my concerns. He wasn’t worried one bit. When the tears finally stopped, he reminded me about all of the time I have spent working with my animals over the years. There wasn’t anything I could have changed. I worked my hardest, and what would happen the next day was out of my control. Then he said something that would stick with me…


“This might seem like the end, but it is only the beginning.”


When something that has been so influential in our lives finally comes to an end, it can take a while for it to truly sink in. I didn’t end up winning the show that next day. I didn’t even win my class later that summer at the Wisconsin State Fair.

But, this is only the beginning of my journey with 4-H. Whether it is helping other kids find their passion for agriculture, or getting a seat on my county’s fair board, there will always be ways I can be involved with this great organization.

When something has a large impact on your life, it can be hard to come to terms with the end. The good thing is you don’t have to. It’s easy to give back to the things that have given us so much. Organizations like FFA or 4-H wouldn’t be possible if it weren’t for the many donations, or hard work by volunteers. Next time you question whether or not you’re ready for the end, just remember that while it seems like the end, it is only the beginning.


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